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In our flat world, multinational businesses have found the need to study, understand, and relate with other cultures. This is not a new phenomenon.


As Friedman wrote, Globalization 1.0 was from 1492 to 1800, when Christopher Columbus discovered the new world and trade began to flourish across the continents. Globalization 2.0 was from 1800 to 2000 as the world began to shrink with global integrations and the rise of multinational corporations. By 1972, more than 50% of IBM’s sales came from foreign countries. By 1989, one-third of the profit of private corporations in the United States, came from outside the U.S. Now, we are in a new phase of history, Globalization 3.0. In this era, individuals, not just corporations, collaborate and compete globally. We are living in an exciting phase of time. To maximize our opportunity, in business and in missional initiatives, in this global world we need cultural intelligence. 

In the last twenty five years, with rapid globalization, Y2K, and the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, the different cultural approaches towards living life became prominent for the world to see. In 2003, after studying human cognition, motivation, and behavior, Earley and Ang introduced the concept of cultural intelligence or CQ.


When we travel to a different country or sometimes, to a different state, we encounter culturally different perceptions to the same event. Professor Christopher Earley and his team observed that sometimes ‘outsiders’ had the ability to interpret and also mirror the unfamiliar and even ambiguous gestures and actions of someone in a different culture. They called this cultural intelligence. Like every other area of intelligence, cultural intelligence can also be learned and cultivated.


We offer cultural intelligence training. We use works of fiction and creative learning, delivered directly to you, for CQ training. You can interact and learn on a mobile platform or online. You can learn while you are waiting to catch a flight or over a cup of coffee at a cafe.  Our training system is engaging, interesting and spurs learning. Our results are measurable.  

Visit our cultural intelligence training Website, here

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