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Are you a non-profit organization invested in projects here and around the world? Are you a foundation invested in funding projects? Have you wondered about the successful implementation of the projects and its long-term growth? We are here to help you and your on the ground team by evaluating your project. Our project evaluation is designed to provide information to decision makers. 

Our systematic inquiry through qualitative and quantitative research and analysis will examine 

Your target audience or consumer

Processes involved

Team members belief systems including cultural intelligence, emotional intelligence, and leadership style

Identification on unintended benefits or side effects

Program or project performance score


After completing our project evaluation, should you be interested in carrying our needs analysis for your project, we will be delighted to complete it, freely. Using organizational needs analysis, we will help identify what needs to be done to fulfill organization’s mission. We will work with the team to identify gaps that needs to overcome to reach where you want to be. We use a grid that utilizes organizational frames, ASK (attitudes, skills, and knowledge) and SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) overlaid on your organizational values and vision to carry out needs analysis.



Please call us or email us if you want more information. 



Where you want to be

Where you should be

Where you are

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