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If you are a small ministry, missionary, private teacher, small business or if you are self employed, you may not have the capacity or time to optimize your communication to grow your ministry or business or career. We will come alongside, at a very affordable rate, to strategically run your communications for you. We want you to succeed in fulfilling your purpose. Please call or email us for a free one-hour consultation. 


People respond differently to the same message, depending on how it is framed. Framing helps your audience to receive the message in its context. We will help you frame your message to help your audience understand and respond to your message.


We will help you change the "raw materials" of your message into a clear and effective communication piece.


If you are a small ministry, missionary, private teacher, a small business or self-employed, we know that you are passionate about fulfilling your vision. We will ensure that your purpose is fulfilled in every messages you communicate.

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